1. Aurora's Theme (Flute) - Child of Light OST
  2. Last of Us Theme - Last of Us OST
  3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Bioshock Infinte OST
  4. Want You Gone (Orchestra) - Portal 2
  5. Assassins's Creed 3 Theme (Music Box) - Assassian Creed 3
  6. Lara's Theme - Tomb Raider 2 OST
  7. God Only Knows - Bioshock Infinte OST
  8. Peaceful Waters - The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind OST
  9. Ezio's Family - Assassian Creed 2 OST
  10. I Was Lost Without You - Mass Effect 3 OST
  11. Bolmus Populi - Child of Light OST
  12. Skyrim Theme (Music Box) - The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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This is mainly a gaming blog I guess. I changes from time to time. Sometimes it's a gallery full of art! Rarely, my art though. Other people's work that I liked. My work is posted on a separate blog. That can be found along side all the other links...
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